• The Hawks are ready to feature Dennis Schroder as the centerpiece of their offense after two and a half seasons, per KL Chouinard.

    After trading Dwight Howard away to the Hornets and letting Paul Millsap walk during the summer, the Hawks have implemented a new offense with spacing as the main goal. It’s not a structured system and Schroder is expected to do a lot of work without screens. The German point guard will have to adjust to a larger role, a new offense and a handful of new teammates. The challenge, of course, is a big one as he has to score at the rim while also helping his teammates develop. The point guards stand to benefit most from the new scheme and it is going to be Schroder that will have the most responsibility for its success. His turnovers are always a big concern for owners in 9-cat leagues but the new offense increases his appeal for this season.

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