• Derrick Favors scored 19 points with eight rebounds and four blocks while Rudy Gobert scored eight points with 11 rebounds, two steals and two blocks in Monday’s comeback win against the Spurs.

    Favors was hot while the Jazz made a comeback and held onto the lead in the fourth quarter. There was a conversation between Coach Snyder and Gobert and it seems that Gobert opted to let Favors finish out the game since he and Donovan Mitchell were the hot hands for the Jazz and it paid off, Favors blocked a late shot attempt by Ginobili and the Jazz wound up with their 10th consecutive win. This isn’t the standard closing lineup though so Favors owners shouldn’t get too excited and it’s more of a testament to how great of a teammate Rudy Gobert is. The solid fantasy line from the Stifle Tower should appease owners as well.

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