• Devin Booker
    G, Phoenix Suns

    The Suns have had six different starting lineups over 16 games this season, but Igor Kokoskov may stick with the latest one, which had his best player, Devin Booker, playing the position where Phoenix is struggling with the most.

    “We’re flexible when it comes to the starting lineup,” Kokoskov said. “Nothing is written in stone. We’re flexible and we’re going to turn it into another strength where we can modify, depending on who we’re playing.” The move on Monday was part of Kokoskov’s adjustments to the starting lineup to deal with Philadelphia’s unorthodox starting unit. Booker was very comfortable running the point but he fouled out and committed another 3 turnovers to add to the career-worst 4.3 for the season. Regardless of where he plays he is still delivering early-round value and the young guard should be better going forward after missing a few games early this year with an assortment of injuries.

    Source: Arizona Republic