• Dillon Brooks
    SF, Memphis Grizzlies

    Playing in a contract year, Dillon Brooks has thrived as a scorer in the Grizzlies offense, and he credits Taylor Jenkins' method of letting him play through mistakes rather than benching him for them as a big reason why.

    Brooks went into detail in a recent interview about how he preferred Jenkins style compared to past coaches, “Get beat off a backdoor and get yanked right quick,” Brooks said. “I feel like that’s just not how you roll with young players. Taylor knows that. He lets everybody go, and that’s the way you’re supposed to play in this league. You play against the best players, and you can ruin a player’s confidence like that. It was a good learning experience for me last year, made me understand where I was, where I could be at." Brooks has been up and down as a fantasy asset mostly due to his inconsistant shooting, though it's possible that improves as he continues to get these reps. At the moment, he's better as a points league guy.

    Source: The Athletic

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