• Domantas Sabonis
    C, Indiana Pacers

    In a recent interview, Domantas Sabonis expanded on earlier reports from this week that he could not hurt his left knee anymore by playing through the pain.

    “I’ve been told it’s a bone bruise, so there’s swelling in the bone that all doctors say it can’t get worse unless you get hit in that same spot,” he said. “It’s the same thing if I get hit in my healthy knee,” Sabonis said, pointing to his right knee. “There’s the same chance. It’s not a muscle or anything, so by doing more stuff, you can’t technically get it worse.” He said he met with team doctors and two outside specialists, all of whom reiterated that playing on the knee would not damage it anymore, beyond normal ways one could injure their knee. The clarity helps alleviate some concerns about him playing through potential structural damage, though it remains to be seen how playing through constant pain will effect him on a game-to-game basis.

    Source: The Athletic