• Donovan Mitchell
    G, Utah Jazz

    Salt Lake Tribune’s Tony Jones expects Donovan Mitchell be more vocal in his leadership role for the 2018-19 season.

    Jones’ comments came in the context of Rudy Gobert’s lackadaisical start to last season. Jones opined that Mitchell will be “much more of an alpha this year” and that he wouldn’t hesitate to check Gobert for playing with a lack of “urgency” and that Rudy will listen. Although an emotional leader last season, Spida often deferred to vets, especially his mentor Joe Ingles. Leadership aside, Donovan’s second round ADP in early mock drafts is a bit high as he only finished top-55/45 in 9/8cat last season. While we do expect considerable development this season, the Slam Dunk champ will have to improve his efficiency a bunch to hit second round value this season.

    Source: The Jazz Weekly Run Podcast