• Doug McDermott stated that the Bulls second unit should fit Fred Hoiberg’s style well

    According to McDermott, everyone has been sleeping on the Bulls’ second unit with the majority of the talk surrounding the on-boarding Rajon Rondo and Dwyane Wade and the possible lack of chemistry between the Bulls’ superstars. He mentioned Bobby Portis, Cris Felicio, Denzel Washington and Jerian Grant when discussing Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg’s system. That is a very promising bunch and it will be interesting to see if the bench really steals the show for the Bulls next season. There is sure to be some growing pains with such a major overhaul of their roster and it’ll be Hoiberg’s job to direct traffic in October. Interestingly he did not mention Nikola Mirotic which probably means that he’ll be a starter next season.

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