• Draymond Green
    F, Golden State Warriors

    Steve Kerr hinted that Draymond Green's right big toe sprain will probably keep him out of Monday's game, saying "I think the earliest would be later on in this trip."

    Kerr continued, "He's not playing in the first couple games of the trip. He needs to get on the floor. I think he'll start doing that on Friday, where he can start to ramp up the court work. Then, he'll need a few days from there, and at that point it'll sort of be day-to-day and we'll leave it up to Rick (Celebrini)." Celebrini is the team's Director of Sports Medicine. The fact that the Warriors have three days off between games looked promising for Green but he's just not ready to come back. It's going to be very tough to put Green into lineups next week.

    Source: NBC Sports Bay Area

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