• Duncan Robinson
    F, Miami Heat

    Not only is Duncan Robinson on pace to produce perhaps the best 3-point shooting season in NBA history by anyone not named Steph Curry, but he also is on pace to set two records involving two-point shots, or specifically, lack of them.

    The record for fewest two-point attempts in a season by a player who played at least 2400 minutes is 136 by P.J. Tucker in 2018-19. Robinson has 70 two-point attempts in 1914 minutes, putting him on a pace to play 2453 minutes and attempt 90 two-point shots, which would easily break Tucker’s record. Also, 88.3 percent of Robinson’s field goal attempts have been three-pointers. The record for highest percentage of shots taken from three-point range in a season is 82.7 by Wayne Ellington in 2017-18. Just 70 of Robinson’s 600 shot attempts this year have been two-pointers, but with him shooting an absurd 45.3 percent from behind the arc, there is simply no need to shoot more twos. Robinson continues to be one of the most pleasant surprises of this fantasy season and his numbers guarantee that he will finish in the top-100.

    Source: Miami Herald

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