• Dwight Howard
    C, Washington Wizards

    Dwight Howard has been working with multiple trainers in order to play NBA basketball into his 40's.

    Howard had a solid 2018 posting 16.6 points, 12.5 boards and 1.6 blocks. The big man currently weighs 265 pounds with 3.3 percent body fat and is transitioning his game to the modern NBA. The eight-time All-Star is focusing more on flexibility, core strength, ballhandling and playing more on the perimeter after previous trainers just concentrated on strength building. He wants to evolve into an Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant type of player. It's about time the center changed his style after being castoff multiple teams for poor fit. His biggest weakness is still free throw percentage, but if you plan on punting that then he is a solid mid-round pick.

    Source: Washington Post

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