• Dzanan Musa
    G, International

    Dzanan Musa believes he's a lottery pick and would like to play in the NBA right away despite having two years left on his contract with Cedevita.

    Cedevita just hired Sito Alonso, who benched players with NBA ties like Aleksandar Vezenkov and Rodions Kurucs, as coach. It doesn't bode well for Musa, who is all but a lock to go in the first round. It would be valuable development time lost if the coach insists on shutting out players who don't intend to stick around for the long haul, so whichever team ends up taking the plunge on the talented guard may have to part with some cash to bring him over right away. Musa said "I want to compete at the highest level and to compete with the best players in the world," one of a number of good quotes in a piece from the New York Post that does a great job detailing his journey from an 11-year-old alone in Sarajevo to a player on the cusp of the NBA.

    Source: New York Post

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