• Enes Kanter
    C, New York Knicks

    Enes Kanter said that he met with General Manager Scott Perry on New Year’s Eve for a heart-to-heart conversation where he expressed his frustration with the losing and his diminishing role, but he clarified that he has not asked to be traded.

    Kanter could help a playoff contender but a trade will be difficult because of his $18 million expiring contract and the fact that the Knicks would need to get back that money in expiring dollars to protect their cap space. Mitchell Robinson is expected back during the Knicks' current road trip, which means that Kanter’s playing time could dwindle further. The Turkish center has yet to decide if he would be willing to accept a buyout and take a little less to play for a playoff contender, so owners will have to remain patient and see how the situation unfolds in the upcoming weeks.

    Source: NY Post