• Enes Kanter
    C, New York Knicks

    Enes Kanter hasn't made a decision as to whether he'll opt out of his contract and doesn't plan to until things begin to take shape after the draft.

    "After the draft we’ll see what’s going to happen. Because the draft a lot of things can change, for the Knicks and for the whole league. Because people are going to leave. Waiting for LeBron to decide and everything." Kanter would be due $18.6 million if he opts in and it seems likely that he will given the potentially cool market for free agents — especially those with skillsets as limited as Kanter's. There's also the fact that he's begun "recruiting" LeBron James to the Knicks for next season. Kanter is no stranger to the occasional Twitter troll and he and James had some spats last season so it could be tongue in cheek, but you never know. He'd need to take less money if the Knicks brought in a big time free agent but added that he'd be open to doing so if New York got The King, though a long-term deal remains his priority.

    Source: The Athletic