• Fred Hoiberg did not specify who was fined or for how much, but he did say there will be no suspensions for Rajon Rondo, Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade.

    To sum everything up, Butler and Wade first spoke to the media about the younger players not caring enough after a loss. Rondo then tried protecting the younger players by taking shots at Butler and Wade through Instagram by saying his veterans on the Celtics never took days off. All three players spoke to the media on Friday and it seems like they are trying their best to put everything behind them and focus on what’s ahead. With Rondo earning $14 million next season, a trade is impossible. After having issues with three franchises in a row, it seems unlikely any team would even want him for the minimum even if the Bulls negotiate a buyout with him. LeBron James recently spoke about how the Cavs need a playmaker, so maybe Cleveland is a (far-fetched) possibility.

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