• Fred VanVleet
    G, Toronto Raptors

    Fred VanVleet played 15 minutes in Tuesday's Game 1 loss, finishing with nine points, three rebounds and two assists.

    VanVleet missed the final shot of the game, a semi-open look from deep on a drive and kick. While the on-court read wasn't a bad one, the decision to have him in the game will come under some scrutiny. VanVleet appeared to re-injure his right shoulder after a hard fall in the lane and spent some good time on the sidelines in the second half having it worked on by the training staff. He came in cold and wound up taking the last shot. The Raptors blew a great chance to jump out to a series lead tonight and if FVV is hurt to the point of inactivity, their hole will grow that much deeper.

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