• ESPN’s Zach Lowe has a thoughtful piece on the Grizzlies’ future, in which GM Chris Wallace states that the team has no interest in moving Marc Gasol.

    The Grizzlies are in a death spiral, with almost no high-end young talent, an ownership situation that’s in a little turmoil and a lack of a unified organizational vision that cost a coach his job. Trading away Gasol would be the first step in kicking off a rebuild but the team has no plans to do so right now. “We think our window is still very much open with Mike and Marc,” said Wallace. That’s all well and good but Gasol ruffled some feathers in the offseason by saying he’d need to revisit his situation if Memphis stopped winning. They’ve dropped 16 of 17 and here we are. The Grizz lose all the leverage by saying Gasol is on the block, so take this with a grain of salt. There should be changes coming here, and Gasol seems like a prime target to be moved.

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