• Harrison Barnes shot an efficient 12-of-24 from the field on his way to 28 points in Wednesday’s loss to the Celtics.

    He didn’t do much else, adding just two boards, one assist and two steals.  The scoring has been nice, but Barnes still lacks the statistical diversity to make him a fantasy staple.  He’ll make a fine, if unremarkable, top-100 asset going forward.

Fantasy News

  • Devin Booker
    SG, Phoenix Suns

    Devin Booker was great on Tuesday in a blowout win over the Mavs, putting up 32 points on 12-of-20 shooting, six rebounds, nine assists, two steals and two 3-pointers in 31 minutes.

    Booker continues to shoot the lights out and is a top-5 player for the past month. He's fantasy's best free throw shooter over that period after factoring in his 9.8 attempts per game. It'll be tough for him to keep up the efficiency, but Booker could easily bring back some more threes and/or finally increase his steals to stay in the top-20 even with a drop in percentages.

  • Mikal Bridges
    SF, Phoenix Suns

    Mikal Bridges was efficient after moving into the Suns starting lineup on Tuesday, going for 13 points (4-of-5 FGs, 4-of-4 FTs), two rebounds, six assists, two steals, one block and one 3-pointer in 34 minutes in a win over the Mavs.

    Bridges is definitely worth an add in 9-cat leagues. He's excellent in steals and also had zero turnovers in this game, with that category also being one of his specialties. Bridges won't stand out, but he's in the top-75 in 9-cat leagues over the past month and stands to make gains with this new larger role.

  • Duncan Robinson
    F, Miami Heat

    Duncan Robinson hit four more 3-pointers to go with 12 points, five rebounds and two assists in 39 minutes in a loss to the Celtics on Tuesday.

    Robinson makes it seven games in a row with at least four 3-pointers. It shouldn't be surprising to see him doing this on a nightly basis, but it's hard to expect a player like this to keep up his pace. Robinson is 11th in 3-pointers per game for the season and 7th for the past month.

  • Bam Adebayo
    C, Miami Heat

    Bam Adebayo double-doubled with 16 points (7-of-11 FGs), 10 rebounds, one assist, one steal and one block in 33 minutes in a 101-109 home loss to the Celtics on Tuesday.

    Adebayo skimped on the assists this time, but it's tough to complain about another performance this well-rounded and efficient. He even hit both of his free throws tonight. By the way, if you're a free-throw punter, Bam is the 18th-most-valuable player to you in 9-cat leagues (compared to 41st overall).

  • Goran Dragic
    PG, Miami Heat

    Goran Dragic posted a team-high 23 points (6-of-14 FGs, 10-of-11 FTs) with two boards, four dimes, two swipes and a trey in 30 minutes in a loss to the Celtics on Tuesday.

    Dragic has been little more than a low-end assists and threes source this season. This still gives the 33-year-old value in standard leagues given the scarcity of assists. However, if you do rely on Dragic as one of your starters and you find yourself hurting in steals and rebounds, that may be part of the reason why.

  • Daniel Theis
    PF, Boston Celtics

    Daniel Theis was productive once again on Tuesday, double-doubling with 10 points on 4-of-7 shooting, 11 rebounds, one assist, one steal and two blocks in 30 minutes against the Heat.

    With the other Celtics' bigs struggling to stay healthy, Theis has surprisingly provided top-60 value in 9-cat leagues over the last month. He's a must-start player while Enes Kanter (right hip contusion) remains out, but he'll likely be back in the streamer class after that.

  • Jaylen Brown
    SG, Boston Celtics

    Jaylen Brown had a strong performance on Tuesday with 25 points (10-of-16 FGs), three rebounds, five assists, one block and four 3-pointers in 41 minutes in a 109-101 win over the Heat.

    Brown hasn't been quite as valuable lately as he was earlier in the season, but it may not be tough to rectify. His shooting percentages have each fluctuated throughout his season (and his career) and one would expect them to settle at some point. Also, if he could ever get his block numbers up, which doesn't seem unrealistic, Brown could move into early-round territory.

  • Gordon Hayward
    SF, Boston Celtics

    Gordon Hayward had an efficient night on Tuesday, shooting 10-for-14 from the field and 8-for-10 from the line on his way to a line of 29 points, nine rebounds, two assists, one block and one 3-pointer in 38 minutes vs. the Heat.

    Hayward was great in this one. His drafters are getting a great return on their investment, seeing as Hayward sits just inside the top-50 for the season. Look for more of the same as the second half rolls on.

  • JA Morant
    PG, Memphis Grizzlies

    Ja Morant was great again in a 104-96 home win over the Nuggets on Tuesday, going for 14 points (6-of-11 FGs), six rebounds, seven assists and four steals in 30 minutes.

    For as exciting as Morant and the Grizzlies have been of late, he may not be as great in fantasy as most would expect. Morant's assist numbers are excellent and his steals and field goal percentage are great, but that's really where the impressive stats end. He's fun to watch, but if you've got him, there's a great chance you can deal him for more than he's actually worth right now.

  • Jonas Valanciunas
    C, Memphis Grizzlies

    Jonas Valanciunas posted a big double-double on Tuesday vs. the Nuggets with 23 points (11-of-19 shooting), 12 rebounds, three assists, one steal and one block in 34 minutes.

    Valanciunas has crept into the top-40 for the past month but he still has spots where he can easily improve. He's seen a dip in free throw percentage recently that should get corrected. He was only outscored by one Grizzly, Dillon Brooks, who had 24 points, one rebounds, three assists, one steal, one block and one triple in 33 minutes in this game.