• Hassan Whiteside
    C, Miami Heat

    Hassan Whiteside stated that the main reason for his criticisms of the Heat and his playing time were due to the frustrations of losing.

    It’s understandable that Whiteside was upset about not being in the final 20 minutes to close out a game in which the Heat lost, but this isn’t the first time he’s caused trouble off the court with his remarks. The Heat play fine without him due to their deep roster and Whiteside isn’t the most durable player either which makes his $98 million contract harder to swallow. Whiteside is under contract for next season as well, but the year after that he has a player option and has gone on record stating that he doesn’t know what his future holds. This season he’s played in 49 games, averaging 25.6 minutes which is his lowest total since he first joined the Heat.

    Source: Miami Herald

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