• Hassan Whiteside
    C, Miami Heat

    Hassan Whiteside said he left the bench early on Tuesday night to go use the bathroom.

    #BathroomGate is upon us. Whiteside dipped out of a loss to the Jazz with 40 seconds left and said that he's left to use the facilities before, but people are blowing this incident up because of the time and score and the fact that he's involved. Or they could be blowing it up because he got benched for the whole fourth quarter and has a history of petulance. Either/or, really. Coach Spoelstra called it "unacceptable" so this feels like damage control. Bam Adebayo and Kelly Olynyk would be great adds if the Heat could move on from Whiteside, and fantasy owners hopefully moved him for profit before these predictable issues rose to the surface.

    Source: South Florida Sun Sentinel

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