• Trae Young
    PG, Atlanta Hawks

    Hawks GM Travis Schlenk said that Dennis Schroder and Trae Young can share the court next season.

    While Young is a lights-out shooter he also has excellent vision and playmaking ability, so taking the ball out of his hands would be a suboptimal development choice. Likewise, Schroder performs better when he can run the show but lacks Young's ability to be a lethal off-ball threat. There's also the matter of defense, as a Young-Schroder backcourt would likely get ripped to shreds. It's been widely speculated that Atlanta is looking to deal Schroder and the selection of Young should only accelerate the process despite public word to the contrary. They certainly can share the floor but it's unlikely to be an arrangement that puts either in the best position to succeed.

    Source: Michael Cunningham on Twitter

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