• DeMarcus Cousins
    C, Golden State Warriors

    DeMarcus Cousins signed for just 1-year at $5.3 million due to concerns over his recovery from a torn Achilles.

    Dominique Wilkins tore his Achilles back in 1992 at the age of 32. The big man went on to average 29.9 points per game the following season and made two more All-Star teams before retiring at 39. On the other end of the spectrum Elton Brand ruptured his Achilles in 2007, just a year after being named an All-Star for the second time. The big man's production was nearly cut in half for the remainder of his career which lasted until 2016. “The most frustrating part was the injuries,” Brand said. “That Achilles really changed the trajectory of my career. That whole kinetic chain: once you get the calf, it’s the ankle, the knee, the hips, the back. No one’s really recovered from that Achilles injury and come back at the same level," Brand said. Cousins size doesn't help him much with recovery, but with today's modern medicine and treatment his odds are good to at least be 75 percent of what he was.

    Source: USA Today