• J.J. Barea has left Wednesday’s game against the Celtics with an apparent leg injury.

    It looked to be serious and the Mavs could be in trouble at point guard with Williams out too. It was a non-contact injury and it looked as though he planted his foot wrong. 

    Update: Tim MacMahon of ESPN quotes Barea as fearful his injury could be related to his Achilles, which has been bothering him of late.  Barea said: “Hopefully I don’t need surgery or anything, just got to wait. Never felt that feeling before, so hopefully it’s not that bad. Feels like you got shot or you’re trying to run and get shot in the leg. That’s how you feel for a second. I’ve been having problems with my Achilles lately and I thought it was it, but it’s fine so hopefully it’s not bad.”  Oh uh.  Stay tuned…

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