• Without Seth Curry, the Mavs turned to Yogi Ferrell in the starting five but it was J.J. Barea’s 17 points that led the way in a road victory over the Bucks.

    Barea played 23 minutes, hit three triples and also dished six assists in a nice showing. For his part, Ferrell played 27 minutes and added 13-4-5 with a pair of threes and was far from bad on the afternoon. And because things for fantasy owners are never easy, Devin Harris logged 23 minutes for 6-3-3- with a pair of steals. While Barea and Ferrell are the two you want to look at, it’s clear that there are three mouths to feed and either Yogi or JJB could have a big night whenever they both suit up. There’s value here and Ferrell and his starting job are our preferred choice, but ideally it’s a headache you can avoid.

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