• JR Smith
    G/F, Cleveland Cavaliers

    J.R. Smith appeared to forget the score late in Thursday's loss, rebounding a missed free throw in a tie game, passing up a layup and running back towards half court as the clock ticked down from 4.7 seconds.

    LeBron James can casually detail multi-minute sequences from any game he plays and J.R. Smith can't remember the score. The lasting image of this game will be LeBron pointing J.R. towards the basket with an incredulous look. The Cavs nearly stole this one behind The King's brilliance but Smith's unbelievable error cost them the final shot at it. It's an inexcusable mistake, and happened with Cleveland still in possession of a timeout to boot. Hill could've rendered it moot with a second free throw make, but the Cavs got pretty much nothing outside of LeBron, Kevin Love and Larry Nance Jr. Jordan Clarkson was shockingly poor with four points on 2-of-9 shooting, Smith finished with 10 points on 3-of-10 and Hill scored seven points. Kyle Korver should probably be playing over at least two of those guys, but we're not Ty Lue. Smith probably knows what the score is now.

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