• Jae Crowder
    PF, Miami Heat

    Jae Crowder is set to hit free agency this summer but hopes that the Heat can keep him around.

    "I really want to make this my home," said the forward. Crowder is a great fit on a hard-nosed team that prides itself on toughness and defense, and it also helps that he's turned his season around from a statistical perspective as well. Though he's shooting 31.8% from distance on the season, he is hitting 39.3% of his threes since joining Miami, averaging 11.9 points and 5.8 rebounds as well. That kind of play is what once made Crowder a touted 3-and-D player, and though his reputation has deservedly fallen since leaving Boston, he could price himself out of the Heat's plans if this strong play continues when basketball returns.

    Source: Miami Herald

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