• Jae Crowder recorded 11 points, six assists, eight boards, one steal, two blocks on 4-of-6 from the line and 3-of-4 from deep in Monday’s win over the Nets.

    Crowder dished the rock a bit more than usual in this one, but it worked as the Celtics got the win and sit atop the Eastern Conference. They need to win against the Bucks on Wednesday to secure it. The forward finished as a top-50 producer this season which is actually a 15 spot drop from last year. What gives? The biggest drop off for Crowder came in steals. He went from 126 steals last season to just 68 this year. Otherwise his production in other categories aside from points actually increased. The 26-year old’s usage rate dropped a point thanks in large part due to Al Horford joining the team and the young understudy Jaylen Brown playing really well in his rookie season. How the Celtics finish in the playoffs could have an effect on how they see Crowder. He was the final piece in a potential trade that could have brought Paul George to the Celtics. A disappointing finish could force Ainge’s hand to move the veteran. 

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