• Jalen Jones
    SF, Dallas Mavericks

    Jalen Jones came off the bench for 27 minutes and a team-high 16 points in Wednesday's loss, adding seven rebounds, two triples and a block to round out his line.

    This is the second such outing of Jones' career (and season), as he came off the bench for 16 points in 29 minutes against the Nets on March 17th. He's had three solid games off the bench with the Mavs, and they've all come when he's received 20-plus minutes. That's only happened three times, so while he's batting 1.000 on that front he's just not playing enough to be worth your time in fantasy right now. We're deep into silly season and anything can change with a tanking team, so while no immediate action is required make sure you don't forget Jones' name.

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