• James Harden
    G, Houston Rockets

    James Harden was able to post 35 points, four rebounds, six assists, three steals and four 3-pointers in Sunday's Game 1 loss to the Warriors.

    Harden went only 9-of-28 from the field but should've done better than 13-of-14 from the line, as the officials were totally disinclined to give Harden the "landing space" fouls on his threes that he's been given all year. There's going to be tons of talk about the officiating following the closing sequence to this game but Houston just looked out of sorts. The Rockets only shot 14-of-47 from deep (and Harden passed up some shots he usually takes after the reality of the whistle set in) and got nothing from two thirds of the roster in terms of scoring, so they're still in this thing if they can clean up some of the issues today. Eric Gordon chipped in 27 points and four triples of his own. For the record, Harden looked mostly fine after sporting a large wrap on his left hand on Friday.

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