• Jason Kidd had seen enough of his starters and rode his bench down the stretch of the Bucks’ 96-86 win over the Grizzlies on Thursday.

    This box score is tough if you’re just glancing.  Giannis Antetokounmpo (15 points, six boards, 11 assists, one steal, three blocks) and Greg Monroe (14 & 10, one block) did fine, but Khris Middleton (10 points, two steals, one block, two threes) and Jabari Parker (seven points, three boards, one block) were off their games.  Jerryd Bayless (10 points, two treys) was a losing play. 

    John Henson made the news with whatever happened on the Matt Barnes front, and his two steals and four blocks made news with fantasy owners but they have to be considered somewhat fluky in 14 minutes.  Miles Plumlee (nine points, seven boards, one steal, three blocks) produced over his head and Tyler Ennis came out of nowhere for 13 points, five boards, three assists and one steal.  So did Damien Inglis with 10 points, five boards, two assists and three steals.  None of the bench brigade is worth an add in standard leagues and the Bucks have just one four-game week left, so borderline assets are no longer must-own players. 

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