• Jason Kidd has used more than a dozen lineup combinations this season featuring Giannis Antetokounmpo at center, totaling more than 40 minutes and the results are a mixed bag.

    It’s something that the team has often turned to when looking for a boost, hoping that the combination of their best playmaker surrounded by shooters will lead to positive results in the long term. While that lineup provides interesting mismatch potential, Kidd doesn’t want to overuse it. Often he has employed Antetokounmpo at center in games when his bigs haven’t made enough of an impact or in situations when Milwaukee needs an offensive jolt. “It’s definitely something that we always feel that we can go to if Thon or John was having an off night,” Kidd said of lineups with Antetokounmpo at center. “I think it gives Giannis the opportunity to have the big on him, have shooters around him and to be able to get out and run with that group, to make plays for one another.” Giannis is having a tremendous season and getting more minutes at the center position will help him keep dominating, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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