• Donovan Mitchell
    SG, Utah Jazz

    Coach Quin Snyder reiterated that the Jazz defense has not prioritized creating turnovers and fastbreak opportunities, which has hurt Donovan Mitchell's steals and scoring opportunities especially.

    The Jazz rank dead last in the league in total steals and 28th in the league in points off of the fastbreak. These two downturns have affected Mitchell in particular, since his steals are down to a career-low 1.2 per game on fewer deflections per game. In addition to the low steal rate, Mitchell's fastbreak opportunities are down nearly 20% this season, which means fewer easy buckets. Mitchell is still ranked in the top-35 range and his per-minute numbers in prior years point to a higher ceiling, but this is a reminder that the Jazz system, both on offense and on defense, has historically not been conducive to elite fantasy production. His upside is capped given these systemic restraints and the fact that he hasn't been able to crack 2nd-round value even with Mike Conley out, but Donovan Mitchell is as solid as it gets inside the top 40.

    Source: Salt Lake Tribune

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