• Jeff Teague
    PG, Minnesota Timberwolves

    Jeff Teague was excellent in Game 1, finishing Sunday's defeat with 15 points, nine rebounds, eight assists, a steal, a block and a triple in just 29 minutes.

    Maybe play him more? Just a thought. Derrick Rose and Jamal Crawford probably don't need 50 combined minutes in 2018, but we're not coaches. Teague did have five turnovers, two of which were just sloppy passes on plays where Minnesota had chances to really cut into Houston's lead. The most memorable one came on the fast break after Teague pickpocketed Chris Paul, only to fling the ball out of bounds on the ensuing run up court. There were also some questionable drives in the second half when he opted to blow past Clint Capela rather than feed KAT in a mismatch. Either way, Teague was more or less in control of the offense and more lines like this would portend well for the Wolves' fortunes going forward.

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