• Jeremy Lamb finished Sunday’s awful loss with 13 points on 5-of-10 shooting, also picking up a 3-pointer and two blocks in 19 minutes.

    Lamb has continued to be one of the few bright spots in another lost season for Charlotte, and his growth is one of the few things that Hornets fans can project happily into next season. Lamb has been a standard league value from start to finish so hopefully he didn’t end up on any waivers after being moved to the bench. Elsewhere on the bench, Frank Kaminsky scored 10 with four rebounds and two threes while Cody Zeller scored 10 with eight rebounds and a three of his own. Both of those players were aided heavily by garbage time, as Kaminsky in particular fired up some mighty bricks when the game still featured legitimate defense. Lamb is the only reserve worth watching outside of deep leagues.

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