• Jevon Carter
    PG, Phoenix Suns

    Second-year guard Jevon Carter out of the University of West Virginia played a similar bench role for the Suns in 2019-20 that he occupied for the Grizzlies the previous year.

    Carter ranked 293 in 9-cat and 300 in 8-cat. He has really only served as guard depth in both seasons he has played in the NBA (one for the Grizzlies and one for the Suns). Carter's numbers look similar from one year to the next, but his shooting percentages improved. He shot 40 percent from the floor in 2019-20 as opposed to 30 percent in his rookie campaign. There isn't much room for playing time in Phoenix at the guard position and the Suns were using Carter's name in trade talks throughout the season, most recently in discussions with the Pistons for Luke Kennard. Nothing materialized on that front, but Carter's future is likely with a team other than the Suns.

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