• Jimmy Butler
    G, Minnesota Timberwolves

    According to Sean Deveny of Sporting News, Jimmy Butler had problems with Andrew Wiggins' work ethic and defensive intensity.

    This report is in the context of 2018-19 being Butler's last season under contract and while he's eligible for an extension, "sources familiar with the situation told Sporting News that Butler is uncertain about playing with Wiggins." The irony is that a big reason coach Thibodeau traded for Butler was to help spur Wiggins' improvement. The opposite happened last season as Wiggins regressed, with his true shooting percentage dropping from 54.3 to 50.5 and his PER dropping from 16.5 to 13.5 (a PER of 15.0 is considered league average). It was also Wiggins' first season after signing a massive 5-year, $146 million extension which makes his contract virtually impossible to trade.

    Source: Sporting News