• Enes Kanter saw just 20 minutes on Saturday night and posted six points and nine rebounds while Joakim Noah played 13 minutes with four points, four rebounds and an assist.

    The Knicks predictably had some trouble containing New Orleans’ superstar bigs, but it was Noah who got the in-case-of-emergency treatment rather than one of New York’s actual good options. Disconcertingly, Kanter has now seen 20, 17 and 22 minutes over the last three. Hopefully the win tonight doesn’t give the Knicks any bright ideas about actually using Noah but either way Kanter and his top-50 start seem prime for a little regression. He’s going to turn a huge profit regardless so this isn’t necessarily a sell high situation, but the good times won’t be rolling all season long. He’ll be better than this going forward, at least.

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