• Joel Embiid literally cursed his potential minutes restriction and said he hopes to convince coach Brett Brown to let him play more minutes.

    Coach Brett Brown said Embiid would be limited to minutes in the “teens” at the beginning of the season. Embiid was disappointed when reporters told him Brown’s comments. “I didn’t know about that. But that’s disappointing,” said Embiid. “I feel great, and hopefully that changes based on this practice and tomorrow’s practice. My body feels great and my knee is fine, I should play 30 minutes or more. I definitely have my opinion on that.” Embiid for 30 minutes a night would be a boon for his owners who took a chance on him in the early draft rounds. We still expect there to be a minutes restriction in the early going, but if all goes well then we can reasonably hope for 25-30 minutes a night for the year with potential for more. 

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