• Joel Embiid
    C, Philadelphia Sixers

    Joel Embiid told ESPN that his goal is to play in over 70 games and that he's lost at least 20 pounds this offseason.

    We hear the "lost 20 pounds and gained muscle" story every offseason, but some players actually put in that work (see Giannis Antetokounmpo). Embiid is a gamer and was devastated after last year's heartbreak loss so this news could possibly be more than fluff. Embiid is a monster on a per-game basis, easily cracking the first round in value, but the real risk is the games played. He's a bit of a health risk and if he were to play in over 70 games, then there's little doubt to him being a top-12 play, but he has yet to stay healthy for that long.

    Source: Brian Windhorst on ESPN

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