• Jonathan Isaac
    F, Orlando Magic

    The Magic recently released some video of Jonathan Isaac working out in their practice facility and it’s hard not to notice the “muscle” gains.

    When the Magic drafted Jonathan Isaac last year, they knew they were taking on a massive project. Isaac had an injury-filled rookie year as a sprained ankle held him to just 27 games but he was still effective defensively even if he got pushed around at some points. The team actually had the best defensive rating with Isaac on the floor and he was immediately one of the best individual defensive players on the team. Exiting the season, Isaac said he understood how important it was for him to grow between his rookie and sophomore seasons and adding more muscle will definitely be one of his goals. We will have to wait until Summer League in July to get a clearer look at Isaac and any improvements he has made but he already is one of the most intriguing prospects for next year.

    Source: Orlando Magic Daily

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