• Jonathon Simmons
    SG/SF, Orlando Magic

    Jonathon Simmons wrapped up his first season in Orlando as a top-155/185 per-game player, averaging career-highs across the board with the lone exception of blocks.

    Simmons was freed from the Spurs bench, though the hype he generated in last year's playoffs with the Spurs probably pumped him up just a shade too much. He got lots of run as a starter but was pretty much a points and rebounds guy on okay percentages through his 69 games. Back spasms cost him one game but a wrist contusion that turned into a tank-driven absence kept him out of the final 12 games of the year, so his missed time doesn't seem like something to fret over. Simmons deserves credit for upping his efficiency from .420 to .465 but still didn't make a ton of improvement to his stat set overall, averaging just 1.0 threes, 0.8 steals and 0.2 blocks in a shade under 30 minutes per game.

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