• Josh Jackson
    F, Phoenix Suns

    Mikal Bridges started but it was Josh Jackson who turned in the better game on Wednesday; Bridges played only 15 minutes with two points and a steal while Jackson had 15 points (6-of-10 shooting), seven rebounds and two assists in 20 minutes.

    Jackson has burned plenty of fantasy owners before and as soon as he gets the full pickup endorsement you just know he's going to go on one of his lengthy shooting spells. The big impact of his recent run is the damage it's doing to Bridges, who could get into the late-round discussion pretty easily if he got the minutes for it. He's a stash at the moment, but if you want to move on for more immediate help in 12-team leagues we wouldn't blame you. Just be ready to pick him back up once the Suns start using him properly.

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