• Justin Anderson and Dwight Powell will get another start on Wednesday against the Knicks.

    “We don’t like change unless the other things aren’t working,” Rick Carlisle said. “When you’re in a rough stretch like we’ve been in when you have issues with energy and other things like that, the players decide who’s going to be in the lineup, not me. They’ve either gotten it done or they haven’t. Everything’s very fluid. I don’t like it that way, but that’s a fact of life for us right now.”  Anderson (and Powell) are good matchups on Carmelo Anthony, but Powell may see less minutes than he would have if Kristaps Porzingis (shoulder) was playing.  Robin Lopez will require attention from Zaza Pachulia and Salah Mejri.  Regardless, Anderson and Powell have earned another look and they can just as quickly lose that status if they don’t play well. 

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