• Kawhi Leonard
    F, Toronto Raptors

    Kawhi Leonard needed only 24 minutes to drop 20 points, six rebounds, a steal, a block and four 3-pointers on Tuesday, wrapping up a top-10 season with a solid effort against the Wolves.

    It was great to see Leonard return after mysterious circumstances limited him to nine games a year prior, though fantasy owners were plenty frustrated by Kawhi missing 22 games this time around. Of those, seven were for injuries (one personal, two for a sore hip, two for a left ankle issue, two for left knee soreness) while the other 15 were for load management. That left him with top-20 standing in terms of total value, and Kawhi suggesting that the regular season is one long practice session probably didn't sit well with people, either. Regardless, Leonard looked like his dominant self once he shook off a little rust and we'll see what his peak looks like in the postseason. There's a chance that we see Kawhi lessen the load management next year as he puts another year between the present and last season's quad injury, so this season's frustrations might push him down draft boards a little bit if owners got too fed up with the nights off. Keep an eye on that as drafts approach.

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