• Stephen Curry
    G, Golden State Warriors

    Steve Kerr said that while he’s debating having fewer practices or optional shootarounds next season because “you can’t grind these guys to death,” he wants to maintain the in-game workload from his All-star vets.

    When asked about Klay Thompson (34.3), Kevin Durant (34.2), Draymond Green (32.7) and Steph Curry’s (32.0) minutes last season, Kerr replied that “those numbers are good. We like those numbers. Then in the playoffs, we’ll do whatever we have to do.” Though late-season maintenance days are still a very real possibility, this is great news for anyone drafting any of the Dubbs stars, as it looks like Kerr will try to get them more rest outside of actual games. This news should stop Durant and Curry from sliding any further than they have in recent mock drafts.

    Source: The Mercury News

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