• Kevin Durant
    F, Golden State Warriors

    Kevin Durant scored a game-high 29 points in Thursday's loss but shot 8-of-22 to get there as Golden State's KD offense did them no favors.

    Houston had no issues letting Durant get into things on the post and weren't afraid of sending Chris Paul his way on switches in those scenarios. It resulted in an uncharacteristically inefficient outing and some poor offensive play overall. The Dubs got eight points out of their non-stars in this game and while Durant's box score was filled with points, he made several poor decisions in a game that the Warriors really didn't deserve to win. Right now Houston is comfortable letting KD try to overpower his defender while they lock down shooters off the ball. A clip of Steve Kerr telling Durant to trust his teammates probably isn't a great sign, and the Dubs managed just 32 assists in their last two contests. They've been close losses but they won't get over the hump unless they refocus their energy on ball movement.