• Kevin Love
    F/C, Cleveland Cavaliers

    While the Cavs can officially trade Kevin Love after his trade restriction was lifted at midnight on Wednesday, Love remains insistent that he wants to stay with the team.

    "I don't know what's going to happen. I've said all along I've wanted to be here. I've said this too, it's a business… I would love to be here. Would just love to get through a whole season healthy just because I've had nagging things that have taken time and been a little bit unlucky, but I would like to play ball here." The Cavs signed Love with the intention of making him their centerpiece as they try and blend staying competitive in the East with stockpiling futures, and still want to hang onto him. While trading Love away could net them quite a haul it doesn't seem as though that's in the cards unless someone blows them away with a major offer.

    Source: Cleveland.com

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