• Jarrett Jack was asked about the new Knicks offense and said no elements of the triangle have been introduced.

    “If there are he hasn’t implemented them yet,” was Jack’s response when asked if the Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek has introduced any principles of the triangle. He also added, “So far it’s a lot, much more fast-paced style offense. Moving, cutting. A lot more ball movement. But from what I understand that’s going to be the crux of it right now.

    More pace is always good news for fantasy stats. So if this holds true then most Knicks players would receive a slight boost to value. The 33-year-old was just signed recently and will compete with Ramon Sessions for the starting point guard job until first round pick Frank Ntilikina is ready to take over. Jack flirted with top-100 per game value on the Nets in 15-16. 

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