• Kris Dunn
    PG, Chicago Bulls

    Kris Dunn played 52 games in the 2017-18 season and returned top 50-75 value (8/9 cat) when he was on the floor.

    Dunn started the season off with a bad dislocation of his left index finger, suffered a very bad concussion midway through the year and then right when he got back a sprained right big toe ended his season. When all that wasn't happening he made the Jimmy Butler trade look silly, showing improved awareness and ability to harness his physical gifts. He brought his field goal percentage up to 42.9 and his free throw shooting up to 73.7 percent, which is a great sign that he can stop being an albatross there. Next up — the 2.9 turnovers per game in 29.3 mpg.

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