• Kurt Rambis said he’s not ready to go young just yet.

    “On some level that’s a possibility and there’s some logic to that, to giving them some more time,” Rambis said. “But we still want to try and finish the season and positively as possible and win as many games as possible. It’s something I’ll digest at a later time.” We’ve seen him do this to Kevin Love in the past and none of the guys we’re talking about, including Jerian Grant and Langston Galloway, have Love’s talent.  Interestingly, Kristaps Porzingis does have Love’s talent and then some — and Rambis has even held him back to a degree — though New York has a solid media corps that can actually hold teams accountable for crazy business like that.  As for Grant and Galloway, they need injury assistance and Knicks losses to gain wholesale value.

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