• Kyle Kuzma
    F, Los Angeles Lakers

    Kyle Kuzma’s season ended with his sixth consecutive absence due to left foot tendinitis on Tuesday.

    Kuzma also missed two games with a right ankle sprain, two with a left hip strain and two more with a bruised back. He took on more of a scoring load towards the end of the year when LeBron James and Brandon Ingram were sidelined and ended up posting a career-high 18.5 points per game on the season. Kuzma’s stat set still relies too heavily on volume, but he did manage to increase his overall efficiency from .450 to .456 even as his 3-point shooting dipped from .366 to .303. Add it all up and he delivered top-110/130 per-game value and top-110/120 total value. The hype seems larger than the production with Kuzma, as it does for most Lakers, so until he starts rounding out his game he’s not one of our preferred fantasy targets.

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